Hornbjarg from Iceland Illustrated Map on Vimeo.

Shot on a 3 day trip to Hornvík and Hornbjarg, in the Westfjords of Iceland, in august 2013. This area is really remote, it takes a 2 hour boatride to get there, and the nearest road is more than 150 kilometers away. But it´s so worth all the effort of getting there, this place is pure magic!!! We´re already planning another trip there next summer.

The purpose of the trip was to photograph some new locations for the online edition of our Iceland Illustrated Map, which is a handdrawn, 3d-ish, terrain map of Iceland. We might be adding some videos to the map in the future, but currently there are a little over 200 photos from various parts of the country geo-located on the online edition. The map can be found at icelandillustrated.com and this particular location can be seen on the map at icelandillustrated.com/?l=194

Videos and editing: Snorri Þór Tryggvason
Music: Múm – “We Have a Map of the Piano”