Happy New Year Everyone!!! Would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your support over the years. You guys are the fuel for my passion. I start this new year with my new inspirational video..hope it will motivate some of you to reach for your dreams. Big thank you to Clément Demaria for sharing his amazing musical talent. #landscapephotography   #photography  Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Collection  #video  
Stay Strong and Live with Passion.


Sunset over the Cho La Pass, Nepal
(altitude just over 5,000m)

Late April, halfway through a 21 day trek, deep and alone in the Gokyo Valley & Everest region of the Himalayas. Just having crossed the Cho La Pass at 5,420m, famous for its near vertical two hour long climb over snow and ice, we found ourselves trekking down a spectacular glacier with towering snow capped peaks surrounding us in every direction. The scenery was just mind blowing, and within moments of us standing there in awe, the decision had been made. No where else would ever compare. This was the place for us to Elope!! We climbed around to an exposed cliff ledge protruding out from the glacier and overlooking the magical scenery, said our personal vows and slipped on our wedding rings.

After the 9 hour day of trekking (actually more like mountain climbing), we finally settled in for the night, wedged in between some of the highest and most beautiful mountains on the planet. We relaxed that evening with an incredible sense of accomplishment, tackling such a testing pass with only our backpacks, and a paper map to guide us. As we watched the sunset on the evening of our wedding, we were rewarded with this spectacular display of colour bursting through the distant valley peeks. An absolute treat to round off our first night as Mr & Mrs Burkinshaw!

Posting this up for Colby Brown’s competition #Photosof2013 .

You can find the details of the competition here:  http://www.colbybrownphotography.com/your-favorite-images-of-2013-photo-contest/


Testing out some night photography too…

Did you know that not all views of the Milky Way are the same?  Because it’s a huge band around the galaxy, you’d think it looks the same from everywhere.  But really, -30 in the Southern Hemisphere gives the most intense view because the “center” is constellation Sagittarius. This is the same reason they will build the Square Kilometer Array in South Africa or Australia near -30 latitude. 

This photo below is a few degrees below that down here in New Zealand, and the greenish curtains along the bottom was an ion storm during the aurora.

On my little road trip I’m gonna leave my tent for a bit star photography as well to test out the A7r for star shots. This one you see I got with the 14-24mm f/2.8 on the Nikon, but I think I should be able to get a comparable shot on the A7r, if not better.  I’ll try out a few different lenses and see how it turns out!


UH-60 Black Hawks from A Company, 3-142nd Assault Helicopter Company, 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade, prepare to airdrop Soldiers from A Company, 1-67th Armor Regiment, 2-4th Infantry Division during a training exercise on Dec. 28, 2013, outside of Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The 42nd CAB, New York Army National Guard, is currently deployed overseas to operate rotary winged aircraft in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
(#USArmy photo by Spc. Harley Jelis)