Most Inspiring Locations on Earth by Angela H.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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Located to the very popular destination of Phuket island these islands are something akin to a place out of a pirate novel. Gorgeous beaches, interesting rock formations and green jungles as well as crystal-clear turquoise waters swarming with the local marine life dressed in its bright colors. You can enjoy this place a whole lot better than the overused and popular beaches of Phuket.

Macchu Picchu, Peru

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Standing at the staggering height of 2,430m (7,970 ft) above sea level and located in the middle of a great tropical mountain forest, this ancient Inca town has many ramps, terraces and impressive walls as part of its construction. What makes this place truly amazing is the sheer effort that went into it – it originates around 1400 AD when the Inca Empire began its construction. The area offers views like no others and a rich variety of animal and plant species.


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A land of geological beauty and weather extremes, this volcanic island between Europe and Greenland has one of the most amazing landscapes on Earth. Ranging from green valleys to desolate ones reminding us of another planet, sporting a nice and consistent temperature it is a wonderful place to visit.

At certain points throughout the year the day/night cycle is changed in such a way thanks to its position on the planet’s surface that you’ll be able to experience a seemingly endless day or night.  There are seasons here however and each of them carries its own charm and specifics. Definitely a place to see and spend some time at if you’re looking for serenity.

Pamukkale, Turkey

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A very beautiful and strange place located in the Denizli Province in Turkey, Pamukkale has a large number or hot springs, terraces of minerals and travertines formed by the water flowing there. It is known as the most important mineral bath spa in Turkey not only because of its beauty but also because of the waters themselves. You can experience a great time there both in relaxation and in experiencing nature’s beauty at its best.