“Differences of thought to perception should not necessarily barred by limitations that is created from the basic emotional which sometimes even affecting the freedom to think openly and naturally.” [R. Adhi Noegroho]

In this blog I free the mind from the things that imprison my will and desire to receive the knowledge of the world and global information. As my expectations, not only the wide open world, but also all the individuals in it, carrying the responsibility of the freedom of information to realize and implement the Creative Commons Attribution license in togetherness.

Peace is beautiful, peaceful in the work and in sharing among mankind. With respect and are proud to be citizens of the world who are united and sovereign.

Social Media is therefore a unifying container of the many differences. Making equality of rights and obligations for all its users. Making equality of integrity within the relationships can be more beneficial for individuals who interact with the same interests and goals. Fact is, social media is not only uniting in common, even to unify the differences.

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